About Us

About Us

Canter Music Shop is a flute repair shop in Beaverton, Oregon, serving the Portland and Vancouver metro area. With 25 years experience, we can make your flute look and perform its best. Our acoustical adjustments will often make your flute sound even better than new.

Darren Cook studied with the late and legendary flute repair technician Robert Gilchrist, and has been providing basic repairs privately for students of Coda Flutes for over 25 years. An experienced flutist, receiving his BMP in flute performance from the Harid Conservatory of Music, Darren has been in a programming career for a couple of decades while he maintained his private flute studio and status as freelancer and member of the Vancouver Symphony (Principal Piccolo). His decades of experience in programming and flute playing combine to help his problem-solving and innovation in flute repair.

Darren is Straubinger Certified.

Molly Duggan is the apprentice of Darren Cook and has been learning to play and fix flutes. She is currently the Principal Flutist of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra and in her second year studying music at Portland Community College. Molly plans on studying to receive a Masters in Flute Performance as she continues to develop a career in professional flute repair. Molly is learning to work intimately with the flute and learn it's nuances both on and off the workbench, in order to better help her customers.

Molly is Straubinger Certified.

When Darren met Molly, she wanted to learn repair right away in order to have a working instrument. Shortly after they had an opportunity to overhaul a student's intermediate flute before a major competition; the instrument came out playing perfectly and the dream of Canter Music Shop was born.